Sunday, February 26, 2012

Church Ball

Jacob just barely made the cut-off to play church basketball. It was for kids 14-18. Since he was going to be 14 for the tournament, he got to play, it doesn't help that he was needed! Here are a few pictures from church ball. It is now over. They lost in the tournament yesterday.
A few weeks ago Jacob decided to do  the jump ball against a kid who is clearly a foot taller than him.

It's a good thing our kids have been to plenty of basketball camps. The men use the jerseys the night before and the person who had them, was not responding to phone calls, emails or text, so I went through the kids drawers and came up with enough reversible jerseys, they didn't have number, but oh well.  

Our team clowns. They crack me up. This looks like something Matthew would have done.
Yes, Matthew, this is Corbin and Tanner.

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