Friday, February 17, 2012

It's Over

Basketball Season officially ended last night, at least ours did. The Varsity girls lost in the second round of the playoffs. I just have one question, since Makenzie didn't get to play, does it count as a loss and ruin her undefeated streak? I asked Dale he said, "No." Here are pictures from the last game of the season.
Team Prayer

Team Cheer

Watching the warm-ups 

National Anthem line up. They do it by height and look, Makenzie isn't in front. 

Lined up for the introduction of the other team, but they didn't do introductions, so the girls stood there looking lost.

Watching the game from the bench

A time out... She's probably glad she wasn't getting chewed out!

Sad the season is over.......

....but happy that she can move on to track now.
Time to dust off that shot and discus!!

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