Saturday, February 18, 2012

Be a Man Campout

Marti already prefaced this blog posting with her previous post.  The Be a Man Campout is an annual Scout campout by our ward where the intent is for the boys to spend the night in shelters they build for themselves and then the next morning they cook a pig for lunch.  Jacob and I didn't go last year when it was really cold (at least for this part of the country). This year's challenge was the rain.  When a flood warning has been issued before you even leave, you know you could get wet.  And just for the record, camping is one of Jacob's favorite activities, or maybe Not.

On our way.
The view as we are driving with rush hour traffic.

Jacob Navigating

Cooking Woof-ums (Sp.?)
A woof-um is a biscuit cooked ((?) crusty on the outside, doughy on the inside) so it
forms a cup and then it is filled with pudding and whip cream.

A shelter by some of the boys - the morning after.
If you can't tell, there is a puddle in there.

View from the shelter Jacob and I shared for the night.

The hungry group and the pig.  About this time the Bishop
reminded everyone we should say a prayer before we eat.
Jacob, one of our leaders (Giff Nielsen Jr.)
and the pig just before coming off the coals.

One of the younger scouts.  We don't need no stinkin shoes or rain jackets.
Maybe they do learn something along the way.
Jacob and I had to head home before most everyone else so I could go to a Stake meeting, but we did find a few minutes to stop at Chipolte on the way home. Of course I had to wake Jacob up when we got there.

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