Friday, February 17, 2012


Jacob celebrated his 14th birthday yesterday. That means he will be in high school in the Fall. YIKES!!!  When did my baby get so old?? He was lucky because he only had a half day of school yesterday, so he and his buddies headed to the outdoor shopping mall across from the school after school. They all walked over to our house when they were done.
We caught a late lunch/early dinner at La Finca's. Then all the boys were so excited to go to the Varsity Girls basketball game, which we lost. After the game we all came back to the house, the boys shot baskets in the driveway for an hour and then we had cake and ice cream. Jacob wanted a SpongeBob cake. There was a mix up at Target, so I made one for him. It may not have been as nice as Targets, but it tasted better!! All his friends spent the night in our room above the garage. They woke up late this morning, but were treated to homemade cinnamon rolls, eggs and bacon. He and Dale are off to the "Be A Man" campout tonight. It wouldn't be so bad, but where they are going is under a flood warning, so we shall see if they make it through the night, after all it's "Be a Man", not "Be Stupid".

At La Finca's they sing to you and put whipped cream on your face.
The camera was on a night setting so the picture was bad.

Wiping off the mess on his face and I got the camera setting changed

Jacob, Austin, Colin, Brandon and Thomas

The Birthday Sopapilla

Jacob, his friends and his basketball coach looking so excited about this game

Don't judge, my first SpongeBob cake

Make a wish

Showing off his cake.
Sorry so blurry, my camera got switched to manual focus and I didn't catch it.

The boys asked if they could take some food up in the garage with them,
and this is what they considered food.

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