Sunday, February 26, 2012

Next Sport

Makenzie had her first Track Meet on Thursday, the 23rd. First of all we were bummed that they put her on JV, she was told she would be on Varsity, but the Head Coach retired due to health problems, so we have an unorganized track program right now. It also doesn't help that, due to budget cuts last year, we lost certain coaches since they were either laid off or reassigned to different sports. The shot and discus coach was reassigned to our Girls Basketball program, which is good for Makenzie since he works with her position,but not so good for Makenzie, in track. This coach, Coach Hammond, did tell me he was going to come out and work with them a few days a week on their foot work, so that makes me happy! Anyways, her first track meet didn't go as well as she had planned, she did get 2nd in the shotput and 5th in the discus, but she is used to winning first. She must realize, that most of these girls have been in track for at least a month now, where she had 2 days of practice, one day of shot and one day of discus, so to even place was good. She did the best she could and that's all we can ask of her. It will come back to her.   Oh, and don't let me forget, they couldn't even find a uniform for her, they gave her a coaches track shirt and she wore her basketball practice shorts, did I mention they were unorganized. Thank goodness she owns her own throwing shoes!

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