Monday, February 13, 2012

Basketball Season Not Quite Over Yet

Makenzie got her basketball stats for the year:

9.6 points per game
229 points total (they said 230, but we did the math and it was 229)
82 FG
8- 3pointer
41-68 FT

She has been pulled up to Varsity for playoffs. She probably won't see any playing time, but it's an honor just to be pulled up.

The first playoff game is tonight, so hopefully some of Makenzie's winning streak will rub off on the Varsity team.

Her Varsity uniform. She got her #42 back.
That's what she was last year and when they handed out the uniforms this year another girl in front of her grabbed it.

Makenzie in the Varsity sweat pants. They didn't have enough jackets to give her a matching jacket,
 but that is one less white thing she will have to keep clean at school today!

They think all basketball players are 6 feet tall. Brittney's pants dragged on the ground also. 

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