Friday, April 9, 2010

We Have a Record Setter

Makenzie had her last Jr. High Athletic Contest on Wednesday, the 7th. It was the District Meet where she was competing in the discus and shotput. She came in 7th in the discus, but she got 1st in the shotput and also broke the 8th grade girls school record which has held up for the last 6 years. She had a throw of 39'2" and the old record was 38'3 1/2", so she really out did herself. Last year she tied the 7th grade record so we were so happy that she finally beat a record. She worked very hard to earn that title and we are so proud of her. Dale and I both had knots in our stomachs prior to her throwing. Who knew you could get so nervous for shotput. Makenzie's coach told me to take this picture to show how much shorter she is compared to the rest of the competitors. The girls were being briefed on the rules.
Dad stretching her out.

Coach Sanders giving her a pep talk

The green dot by the shot is Makenzie's mark.
She beat the 2nd place person by more than 5 feet!!

We didn't know if she had set the record yet, but we were pretty sure and Dad gave her a big hug! I love the smile on Coach Elrod's face in the background. She was truly happy for Makenzie!

She gets a hug from Jacob also.

Hug from Coach Elrod(she was Makenzie's 7th grade basketball coach)

Makenzie with Coach Sanders.
I think he was as happy as we were. I wish I had video taped him pacing while Makenzie was up throwing. He is a great coach!!!

The Award Ceremony was the following day. They do the field events the day before the running events, but so all the awards the same day. Makenzie was the only one out of the top 6 to show up so she was the lone girl on the podium.
Makenzie getting her 1st place medal

The smile says it all

The Award Ceremony
A very proud Coach Sanders

Showing her medal off in the shotput ring

And a very excited and proud Mom!!!


featherhead said...

Way to go Makenzie!!

grandma/mom said...

I just love these pictures! We are so proud of Makenzie! Plus it so fun to see how involved all the family is. Way to go for your famiily too! No wonder Matt is excited to get home. Carolyn