Saturday, April 17, 2010

Track Ice Cream Sundae Party

This past Wednesday, Makenzie's track team had an ice cream sundae party after school. I was there because I set up before they got out of school. It was a fun way to celebrate their district championship! You may notice some of them are in their P.E. clothes. They have Athletics their last period so they were in their athletic clothes. Makenzie and friends enjoying their sundaes

Track Coaches getting applause

Makenzie handing out the coaches gift to the shot and discus coach

They played games. One of the coaches was on a microphone calling girls up to do this strength thing. She was calling up all the gymnasts and all of the sudden I hear, and next will be Marti Smith. I knew I would make an idiot out of myself, but I went for it. I only could pull my legs parallel to the ground. I did it 3 times and Makenzie could never get my picture when I was at my highest. Oh, well, I tried!

Makenzie went, but she cheated, she pushed off the bench below.

Makenzie in the "Mall Walker" relay

Piggy back race.
What a fun way to end the season!!!

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Karen said...

Go Marti! Get those feet up :)