Saturday, April 10, 2010

Football Is Back!!

Football is back, at least for the next month. Jacob is playing on a 7 on 7 team. He and his friends created the team and then they talked Dale into coaching them. It only 4 weeks long with 2 games every Friday night. We won both games last night!!! Here are a few pictures of the over 200 that I took. Dale giving instruction to his team
Jacob is ready on defense

Jacob back for the pass. He had a couple of TD passes!

Team huddle

One of many good runs by Jacob

I think he got past almost every defender. He actually scored , but it was called back because they said a kid on our team blocked. Boooooo!!!!!

This is an actual score. He held the ball across the line just to make sure it was in. We had 2 previous plays that were stopped right before the goal line.

Some other good moves

Happy coach!
Jacob and a couple teammates celebrating at La Finca's

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