Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Row, Row, Row Your Boat

Brittney had her Physics Boat Project race yesterday at the High School pool. Brittney was in a group with 2 others. This project you have to construct a boat out of cardboard and clear packing tape. There are limits to how big or small your boat can be and how much tape you can use. On race day you have to have 2 people in the boat and row it 50 yards. This year there were 14 heats with 4 boats in each heat. Brittney's team had the second best time!!! This race is fun because some boats tip over, bottoms fall out, or the boat just falls apart. You get points for constructing the boat, getting it across the pool and extra points for being 1st, 2nd or 3rd. Glad this project went better than their cannon project!! Anne Marie wanted a picture with "the little one"
aka Jacob, the chick magnet
Anne Marie, Adam and Brittney gearing up for the race

Boat being inspected.
They got a 2 point deduction for a taped up hole on the bottom of their boat.

The race has begun

Girls in the boat

Row, Row, Row!!!!

Almost there

And they were 1st in their heat and 2nd all round
We are victorious!!!!

The whole race

3 Amigos was their theme

Some boats still together, some not

They smashed their boat when they were done

Jacob and Brittney taking it back to our car

Later that evening Jacob saw the boat bounced back into shape so he wanted to get in it,
so in the pool he went

He looks so lonely out there by himself

We put Sammie in the boat with him so he wouldn't be so lonely

Tried to put the sombrero on Sammie :)


Liz said...

What a fun thing to do for a school project!! We never did anything cool like that. Looks so fun. Congrats to Brit!

Cassie said...

that HAS to be cheating if your dad is an engineer! Haha. Good job Brit!