Friday, April 23, 2010

Storming McDonald's

I was able to go up to Denver for a day this week. I spent my day at McDonald's! I spent it there because I wanted to visit with a bunch of my nieces and not all their kids are in school so we hit the Playland. It was fun to see what great mom's they all are and the ones who aren't moms yet are such good aunts to their nieces and nephews. My Mom and sister, Becky also came. I'm glad Becky took her lunch hour to visit with us! My mom.with my nieces, Lauren, Jyl, Nicole, Kami and Nicky who is standing by me.
Kami, Nicky, my sister, Becky and Lauren, holding one of her twins.

The Niece's

My great nieces and nephews
I guess that would make me a "great" aunt!

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