Saturday, April 17, 2010

Special Olympics

Last Saturday, April 10th, the youth from our church ran the Special Olympics in our town of Katy. Dale and Makenzie both helped out. Dale always does a lot of work before hand to help out with this event each year. I'm lucky, I just show up and take pictures. I think they call it the "Special" Olympics because of the special feeling you have inside as you watch these athletes compete. They train and work very hard to participate in this event. I love to see the smiles on their faces as they complete an event. I also love when their parents come out and cheer them on and the big hugs they give their kids when they are done. It's always a great event to go watch. The last 2 years we haven't had very good weather for this event, but the athletes show up and participate anyways. Here are just a few of my favorite pictures from that day. Makenzie is in the blue hoodie.
This is the same shot put ring she broke the school record at.
Tanner, Melanie(Tanner's mom) and Makenzie working shot put.
I should mention, Tanner also placed 6th in shot put at the district meet!!

My favorite athlete, Ty!
I was Ty's Nursery Leader at church a few years back.
He just turned 8 so this was the first Olympics he got to compete in!
This guy just ran a half mile and won

This is our friend Tyler. Brittney was his Best Buddy in Jr. High. He has a sister that goes to school with Makenzie. He was so excited to win 2 ribbons. I was talking to him a few days after the event and told him he did a great job. He said, "I won a ribbon." I said, "I know, you won two." He just smiled and was so happy!

Tyler congratulating a opposing team member

It's going to be a photo finish

These guys are serious about what they are doing!

Cheering the athlete running the half mile

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