Thursday, April 2, 2009

Track Season Comes to a Close

Makenzie had her District Track Meet last night. She competed in the discus and shotput. This was the first time she actually competed in the discus since she had so many meets cancelled by rain. She placed 8th out of 36 girls in the discus. Not too bad, but no points for the team from her. She got 2nd in the shotput and tied a school record of 32'3". She had been putting it at 35 feet during practice this week, but only the measurements in an actual meet count. All the coaches were hyping up her breaking the record, so there was a lot of pressure. Brittney was talking to one of the coaches at a different event and she asked her why she wasn't supporting her sister in trying to break the record. Brittney explained the event hadn't started yet. We are proud of her and she has something to work for next year.

That's an intense look!
Very happy with her 2nd place medal.
Makenzie with her shotput coach, Coach Sanders. When they were awarding the ribbons and medals for the shotput, Coach whispered to me, " I just love when we beat out all these really big girls". You may think Makenzie is big, but believe me there are girls way bigger. She was the smallest one to place in the top 6 spots. Way to go Makenzie!


Goose said...

That's awesome! Congrats!!!

Clark Family said...

That is so awesome! She looks so cute!! I am proud of her!