Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Speechless... But Not Now!

I should be sitting out by the pool enjoying the beautiful day, but I have been thinking about something for a good part of the morning.
As I was reading comments left on one of my niece's blog, I must say I was stunned and speechless. Somebody actually said that they hopes she "grows up" faster than her child and then chastised her for the content in her blog. I'm still stunned and a little bit of "auntie" bear is coming out. I could go on and on about being judgemental, but that's what I'd be doing, I guess that's what I'm doing. I read her blog because she's not afraid to say what is on her mind and she is very open and opinionated. I like that about her. The second reason I read her blog is to see pictures of her cute little girl. If this person is so offended by the opinions and thoughts on her blog, don't read it! That simple, don't read it! I think what bugged me the most was telling her to grow up. Ouch, that hurt! People probably say that about me. Someone I really admire is a past Stake President's wife from when I lived in San Angelo. What I really admired about her was her fun loving, youthful ways. She knew when to be silly and have fun and when to be serious. She played the piano in Primary when I was in the Presidency. During Sharing Time, I'd talk to her out in the hall and she would say things I just didn't expect her to say, but they were so funny. I loved being around her. She was human and I love that about her. I'm not bashing people who are trying to to what's right, I admire those who work so hard everyday improving themselves, but we all improve at different rates. I for one, hope I never grow up, I just need to learn when it's appropriate and when it's time to be serious. And if this person is so offended by her blog, she should never have dinner at our home, we have quite the discussions with our kids at the dinner table and my kids are very open also.


grandma/mom said...

I agree and it really frosted me too! Why can't someone say how they honestly feel. In my era everthing was supposed to be perfect and hush hush. Yet when you really knew there were definitely problems. I love to have fun too but and heaven forbid if I had a different opinon in conservative Provo. Well that was nice to vent:)

Mayor of CrazyTown said...

Thanks for having my back!

The funniest part (to me at least) is that there was more than one comment by this same person, and I opted not to publish them so their glass house would not be shattered in a matter of mere seconds. Not to mention they be ripped to shreds by my loyal family. :)

Marti said...

It was all I could do not to give her the word of the 2nd verse of Hymn 220 on her blog, yes I looked her up. Brittney wants to design a family shirt that says, "You mess with one, You mess with us all" and then use a quote from Terri, "Knock them down", she said that to someone getting in front of us in a line at Chipotle. I'm still dying to know what Jess said!