Friday, April 24, 2009

Seminary Breakfast

Yesterday I was in charge of a Seminary Teacher Appreciation Breakfast. This a breakfast that the kids invite their favorite teacher(s) from the high school to. I had to make the invitations, make a teachers gift/favor and get volunteers to bring food. The night before we set up the cultural hall with all the tables. I started to set them up an hour earlier because no one was using it and it would get us home earlier after decorating.I felt it the next morning. I'm not used to picking up big tables and hauling chairs all over the place. I accidentally set up one extra table, but it was a good thing since we had such a huge turnout. We had lots of good food and one of the Bishop's talked about the Seminary Program, two kids spoke, one was Matthew and there was a musical number. It was a wonderful breakfast, but I'm glad it is over. I had to do food that people signed up for and bombed out at the last minute, so I was up making muffins and cutting a bunch of fruit the night before. I was very tired yesterday, but very much worth it! A full house.

This is a picture of Matthew with his Calculus teacher, Mr. Eaton. Mr. Eaton came for the food, but asked Matthew if they were going to make him read from the Bible. Matthew assured him he was not going to have to read anything.
The woman on the left is Mrs. Strickland his Physics teacher, someone else invited her.

This is Brittney with Coach Garcia, her basketball coach. When they sat down, Coach asked her, "So tell me about your religion". Brittney is like what do you want to know? Her coach told her she knew the nicest guy in college that was Mormon. She said he went on a mission to Peru and was very impressed with him. Her favorite College Professor was also a member of the church. She asked Brittney if she was going on a mission and Brittney said she didn't know. Coach told her she should for 2 reasons. Reason #1 she would be pleasing her religion. Reason #2 is she would be fluent in another language and that was important since her coach is also a Spanish Teacher at the school. I guess she doesn't realize not all missionaries learn another language.

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