Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Fun With Friends and their Babies

Today was my friend Liz's birthday. We had lunch with her at Mission Burrito. I had to laugh because I was the only one without a child with me. The 2 people other than myself not holding a child is because their babies were already in their car seats. I'm glad they let this old lady hang out with them and Happy Birthday Liz!! I love holding their babies!!!

Me, Jana(has a 6 month old), Liz and her adorable daughter Brooke, Melanie(has a 2 month old) and Emily and her son Zachary.

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Elizabeth said...

Stop with the silliness "Slumber Party Marti" In fact...I feel about 62 and you look and feel 22.. and we both act 18 when we are together...so it's all a wash. Thanks for making my birthday fun!! Hope you didn't get sick from my favorite restaurant.