Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A Child's Prayer

I sure hope Heavenly Father has a sense of humor or our family will be headed south. Last night after FHE (we watched 24 together), it was Matthew's turn to say the prayer. Brittney was in a hurry to watch another show(The Hills) so Matthew decided to take his time in saying the prayer. He was going really slow and being so serious and giving thanks for everything!! I was trying hard not to laugh out loud. When he was done, even Dale had a smile on his face. Dale usually is the serious one, but he even found this some what amusing. I know everyone is wondering which is worse, the slow prayer or watching 24 for FHE. Hey, we had refreshments, homemade cookies, so it was FHE!


Karen said...

That's my kind of FHE....will you adopt me?

Clark Family said...

As my Mom would say--the only fight that begins and ends with a prayer!