Friday, October 31, 2008

Our Last Field Day

Jacob had his field day yesterday, our last one. Where does the time go. He participated in the 4x100 meter relay. that is is team of 4. He did a shorter relay and did hurdles relay and a noodle relay. It was a warm afternoon. He had an underarmour turtleneck under his shirt, but refused to take it off. I had a weird tan line from my short yesterday that I didn't notice till I put my running shorts on this morning, farmer's tan on my legs. He ad lots of fun with his friends. It's always a fun activity.

His friend Andrew

It was warm!!

His friend Sam

His friend Feji

Jacob and his best friend, Thomas

Hurdles...Why jump over them when everyone keeps getting in your way?

Whack that little football with a Katy Tiger on it. Go Cougars!!!

Exhausted after a long, hot field day.

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