Friday, October 24, 2008

Spirit Days Banned

The high school has, rather had spirit days where there was a theme that they could dress up, for example, they could dress up like pirates and I can't exactly remember the saying, but we all did this in high school. Because people were not staying within the dress code while dressing up, they have banned this. I hate it when a few people spoil it for everyone! Anyways, when you get a dress code violation, you get to were a yellow shirt if your shirt is inappropriate, and gray sweat pants if your bottoms are inappropriate and both if you are really inappropriate. Since theme days were banned the students started their own theme days. Yesterday was "dress code the Rams", we are playing the Rams in football tonight. You were to dress up in a yellow shirt and gray sweat pants. The message was spread through facebook and texting, ect... Well my kids were excited until they heard that the dance team instructor's said not to participate since it was undermining authority. Brittney decided not to rock the boat with the basketball coaches as did Matthew with the football coaches. When they got to school, all 3 of the security officers(school police w/out guns) were in sweat pants and yellow shirts and one of the Assistant Principal's was handing out yellow shirts for kids to borrow. So much for undermining authority. I thought it was a great idea and hey, they were all within the dress code!

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