Monday, October 6, 2008

I Like a Day of Rest

I was so grateful to have General Conference this weekend. Not only was I uplifted by the messages, but able to relax on Sunday. Imagine that, Sunday being a day of rest.

We were very tired from Friday and Saturday's events. We left for the Dallas/Fort Worth area around 1 pm Friday afternoon. I went to pick Makenzie up at school at 12:15 and she wasn't back from a field trip. They finally got in about 12:45. Only 45 minutes late. We arrived at the stadium about 6 pm so we made good time even with rush hour in Dallas. The stadium was a big stadium considering it was that schools own stadium, not a district stadium. This team had all this nice equipment, man I thought our school had it good. We lost the game 42-24. It was a state and nationally ranked school so we didn't feel too bad. Ok, we felt bad. We wanted to win! We scored more on them than any other team has so far. We headed back home after the game. We got home at 3pm and Matthew didn't get home until 4:45. We were tired when we had to be at Jacob's game at 9 am. The game wasn't till 10. Makenzie also had a soccer game at 2:30. We were dragging the rest of the day. I had to go get some groceries and that about took all the energy I had left. I'm getting too old for this. Here is a picture of the stadium and a video of a plane that flew by. The stadium is close to DFW Airport so every 5 minutes or so a plane would fly by.

Dale also had a post on his blog this weekend. Check it out.

Picture of Matthew #18

View of the stadium from the visitor's side

One of the many planes flying by

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