Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Yes, We Live and Breathe Sports

It was a really good sports week for the Smith family. The most recent good news is that Brittney made the JV Girls Basketball team. Go Britt!!
On Saturday we had 3 different events. We really had 4 but Makenzie couldn't be 2 places at once. Jacob had his football game. They won and he had 2 touchdowns, 1 interception and caused a fumble. I didn't get any pictures since I was at Makenzie's volleyball tournament. Makenzie's team won the tournament and was undefeated. She played really well. She was suppose to have a soccer game, but it was during the tournament. Matthew's team had their game that night and they won, but even more exciting he got to play. He played in 3 different series. They scored in his 2nd series. He had a 20 yard run that set up the touchdown. His 3rd series was to take a knee to run the clock down. You can watch his run on the highlight video at There is also a link to it on the right side of my blog. Once at the sight go down to Week 7 Morton Ranch and click Post Game. Once there go to Media and click Video Highlights. He is at the very end and is #18(white Jersey). He was pretty excited as were we. Even though BYU and the Bronco's lost(got crushed), we are very happy for our OWN teams!!
Go Smith kids!!

Matthew is #18
Matthew's 20 yard run
Matthew at the left celebrating the touchdown!
Matthew during the National Anthem
Makenzie serving
Makenzie ready for the kill!
Makenzie's team with their ribbons and championship plaque.
Makenzie is the last one on the right on the back row next to the Coach.

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