Tuesday, October 14, 2008

When Family Comes

We have had a fun week with our visiting family. Dale's parents arrived on Thursday. This was just in time for grandparents day at the Elementary School on Friday. Dale, his parents and I had lunch with Jacob on Friday.

Friday night Dale's nephew, Tyson, along with his wife Kristina and daughter Alissa came in from Austin. And the fun began.

Saturday morning we went to Makenzie's 8am soccer game, which they won. We came home and got everyone together and went to Jacob's football game at noon. Matthew, Tyson and Kristina came a little bit late so they could watch some of the Texas/OU game. While at Jacob's game we saw Robert Horry, former San Antonio Spur. His son was playing on the field next to Jacob's. I was being sneaky trying to take his picture.My father-in-law just asked him and he let him take his picture. Jacob's team won. Jacob also had 2 touchdowns. We all went out to eat afterwards. We came home, except for Matthew who had to go to the High School to get ready for his game. Half of our crew came home and took a nap. We all went to Matthew's game. It was Senior Night. Before the game they introduced the players and their parents and we walked out on the field together. I got a rose with a note attached from Matthew and Dale got a little football with a message written on it from Matthew. It's hard to believe he is a Senior. The time has gone by way too fast. Matthew's team won. He didn't get to play. He strapped up his helmet to go in at the very end, but we never got the ball back. That was a bummer. Tyson, Kristina and Alissa left for home after the game. It was sure fun to have them and their little Alissa is the cutest thing and a good baby. She went to all 3 games and was so happy and never cried.

Sunday we went to church. Brittney had to give a talk, better her than me. She did a great job! We came home and BBQ fajitas. We have church so late there wasn't much time for anything else before going to bed.

Monday the kids went back to school. Tuesday Dale's Parents left. It was fun to visit with family!
Lunch at Jacob's school

Jacob with Grandpa and Grandma Smith Makenzie, the green goalie
I think she is boredWatchin' some soccer Watchin' some football
Jacob running for a touchdown!
Cute butt, Smith
My picture of Robert Horry
Grandpa's picture of Robert Horry...Ya just have to ask
Tyson, Matthew and Grandpa at Jacob's game Resting up

More resting up

Dale, Matthew and Marti

Go #18Tyson, Alissa, Marti, Dale, Grandpa, and Grandma


Tyson and Kristina said...

We LOVED being there to visit!! It really was such a fun weekend! Thanks for having us and we will do it again...especially if football and Chipotle are in the picture :). Yummy! Thanks again!

Marti said...

Any time, we loved having you guys here.

needlenut said...

We had a great time and got home safely. We look forward to the next visit.


Mayor of CrazyTown said...

Looks like every soft spot in the house was taken. Good stuff.

Karen said...

Pheew...that's quite the weekend!