Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Mother/Daughter Mutual Activity

All the Young Women got to invite their moms to Mutual for an activity. Part of the activity was to make mom over. They had white plastic table cloths and tape and some white crepe paper to decorate the mom's up. There were a lot more mom's than there were table cloths so only a few moms could participate. We weren't participating until half way through the make overs they brought out half a table cloth, so another mom, Renee Grant, her daughter Emily and Makenzie dressed me up.Renee decided to put me in a bikini top and a skirt since we were limited in materials. Yes, some people were shocked by the outfit, but really, I had clothes on underneath it, most people laughed though. I thought Renee was really creative and she even put a cut braid in my hair to match the attire.

The group and one Dad was in there filling in for his wife.

Renee, my fashion designer


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