Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Meet Charlie

We have a new puppy thanks to my friend Cindy(Yannette, blame her not me). My friend Cindy posted this picture on Instagram last week.

This is the conversation that took place:

 So after this conversation,Cindy calls me the next day from Tyler, Texas where she is with her daughter who is in a horse show. She asked if I was serious because they were going fast. I said yes, she then asked if we wanted a girl or boy. I said girl. There were only two girls left out of 4 and there were 12 puppies all together!!! She sent me this picture of the 2 girls.
 We all wanted the tan one. They were both cute, so it was hard to decide. They were 6 weeks old in this picture and the owner wanted to wait until they were 8 weeks to let them go. Cindy said she would be up there next week if she could take it at 7 weeks and she agreed. Thanks to my friend Cindy we got a free, cute puppy that even had it's first shots since the owners fiancee is a Vet.

Meet our new little girl Charlie.
Meeting Charlie at midnight

Sammie checking Charlie out

Makenzie time with Charlie

Jacob time with Charlie

And Dale time with Charlie

At about 2 am it was bedtime. We used Makenzie's Physic's boat for her bed.
She slept in it Saturday and part of  Sunday nights. She kept jumping out of it early Monday morning.

Charlie thinks Sammie's tail is a chew toy. Sammie has been very patient with her!

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JeanneJ said...

So cute! I'm happy for you all. Love her name too!