Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Suite Life

Dale and I were invited to the company suite to watch an Astros baseball game. We decided to get some tickets for Jacob and Makenzie and let them each bring a friend. Our suite was to the right of home plate and the kids were in the lower section of the outfield seats. The Astros lost, but it was an exciting game, well the 9th inning was exciting. The Astros were down 4-8 in the 9th and lost 7-8. Thought there was going to be a big comeback. It was a fun night anyways!

Vie from the suite  

There was plenty of good food in the suite, but what's a baseball game without Cracker Jacks!

Makenzie and her friend Maegan
Jacob and his friend Austin didn't take a pic of themselves

Makenzie's ticket

The view the kids had.

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