Friday, May 24, 2013

Seminary Teacher Appreciation Breakfast

Each year they have a breakfast at Seminary where they can invite their favorite school teacher. This year I helped set up, serve and clean up, so i got pictures. Jacob invited Coach Hayes, his English Teacher. Makenzie invited Mr Garner, her AP Statistics teacher, she also invited Mrs. Manuel, her Physics teacher, but someone else also invited her. Know these teachers know why they are always so sleepy. It was a very nice breakfast. They started off by singing, I Am A Child of God, had a prayer, then ate. They also got to take their teacher up front and introduce them and say why they liked them. Then some of the kids, including Makenzie sang Each Life That Touches Ours For Good, I think i saw a few teachers tear up.It is a nice tradition that we have and hope it never ends!

Coach Hayes and Jacob

Jacob introducing Coach Hayes. He said something like, I've never liked English but Coach Hayes makes it fun.
Matthew and Brittney do you see Mr Eaton?? He came up to me afterwards and gave me a hug and asked about you two and told me to tell you 'Hi". Mr Eaton was Matthew and Brittney's AP Calculus teacher and has been to this breakfast before.

Makenzie introducing Mr. Garner 

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