Saturday, March 30, 2013

Special Olympics 2013

Jacob and Makenzie helped out with the Special Olympics this year and it was at our high school!  I was there taking pics, shocker I know. This was the first time in many years that Dale wasn't in charge of anything since he is no longer the YM's President. Big surprise, Makenzie ran the shot put.  Jacob helped out at the long jump. We all participated in a relay. They needed filler groups to run and help push the kids that were actually running. I ran barefoot and in very non running clothes, but it was for fun.

Love this. One athlete was plugging his ears because the gun was too loud
and the other athlete is cold and is wearing his coat.

Jacob cheering on the long jumpers

Jacob high fiving a jumper after his jump.

Athletes doing the Gangnam Style dance when the song came on

Our friend Tyler dancing.
We wanted to do the Harlem Shake with the athletes and video it, but by time they started to play it everyone was eating and most of the athletes had left, it wouldn't be as fun without the athletes.

I'm getting ready to run

Our awesome Relay Team

Makenzie knows Jake from Camp Journey but we found out he is the nephew of her basketball coach.
We saw Coach Dudley in the stands and Makenzie asked him why he was there and it was to watch his nephew.

Jacob and his friends eating their lunch

Makenzie and her friends eating their lunch.

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