Tuesday, March 5, 2013

In their spare time they go to class and study

Here is a little bit of what Matthew and Brittney are up to at BYU.

They both have jobs right now, Matthew is working as a Teacher's Assistant in the Engineering Department and Brittney is working at David's Bridal.

Matthew has enjoyed some time on the slopes snowboarding.

Yes, that is Matthew!
Brittney has been ice skating

Matthew and Brittney have been sledding together with friends from home
They have enjoyed a lot of BYU basketball games and thanks to Brittney waiting in lines for hours, they usually get good seat that we can see them on TV.

Brittney is in the bright pink jacket and Matthew is in the tan shirt

They are just to the left of Tyler Haws ear.
And the good brother that Matthew is, he made Brittney a steak dinner one night.
Proud Mom Moment!!

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JeanneJ said...

Hey, I even saw my Matt in your photos of the game! Thank heavens for your skills.