Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Basketball Banquet

Makenzie had her basketball banquet and received her award for playing and she was suppose to get a "500" t-shirt for having a combined lifting of over 500, but the shirts didn't get printed out. Makenzie and her teammate Maryellen were the team captains this year and presented a photo book to Coach Dudley. So glad we gave him a photo book of the season since this will be his last season coaching basketball. He is doing football only next year. It's sad to see him go since he is the only coach that has been there through out both girls basketball seasons.

Some of the JV team

Silly JV team

The JV team that was there

Makenzie and Maryellen carrying the photo book like it was breakable

Coach Dudley and Makenzie

Makenzie and Maryellen

Makenzie and Kayla

Jaylon and Makenzie.
Jaylon is graduating, but they have been friends since the 3rd grade and
no, Jaylon isn't that tall, she had on heels that were at least 6 inches.

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