Friday, March 15, 2013

Gearge Ranch Historical Park

Makenzie wanted to hit up a museum, during spring break, for 5 extra points on a test in her AP US History class. She had a list to choose from. She wanted to go to the Holocaust Museum, but we knew parking would be crazy down in the museum district since the zoo is also there and the weather was beautiful. We settled on The George Ranch Historical Park since it wasn't too far away and it was a beautiful day outside to walk around, except for all the pollen flying through the air!
This Park had it's beginnings over 180 years ago when the first Anglo pioneers came and settled as part of the Steven F Austin's Colony, which was Mexico at the time and is now Texas.


This room doubled as a classroom for the traveling school teacher.
Those are the benches and the work boxes that you opened up and it had your books in and you could use it as your desk  

Boys and girls shared a room and this was the boys bed

The girls bed. There were 2 girls and a boy in this family.
they had 9 kids, but only 3 made it.  

Indoor plumbing

There are 7 layers here and they don't even have the dress on.
Can't imagine dressing like that here in Texas with no A/C!

A very old oak tree

Old fashion vacuum cleaner

Love the wood work on this staircase

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