Thursday, March 28, 2013

Keeps Improving

Once again, Makenzie got another person record in shot put. She threw 37" 4 1/2" which was good for 4th place. She missed 3rd place by 1/2 an inch, but a PR is a PR! She had an off day in discus, she was having a hard time getting her footing down and the one she threw far was out of the sector because she released  the discus too soon. We had to take the good with the bad. She only got 10th out of 28, but at this meet, you didn't get points for your team unless you were 6th place or better. Other than Regionals last year, this is the first time she hasn't gotten points for the team in discus, but at least she got some for shot put.

By the way, the song Dynamite was playing at the baseball field behind her.
That is my favorite pop song and I told her to get a PR to my song and she did!

Lacing up her discus shoes

The sun was trying to break through the clouds.
It would be cool and then get warm.

I took this picture to show how much shorter Makenzie is than most throwers.
Her Junior High coach was always amazed how well she would do being shorter than the rest of the throwers.

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