Friday, March 16, 2012

Rodeo Is In Town

The Rodeo is in town! Dale was invited by a vendor so we were able to watch from a suite. The rodeo was fun to watch, the Miranda Lambert concert was OK, I have liked others that we have seen better, but it was free.
Dale counting the footballs in the truck. Maybe he can win it for Matthew!

Love the name of that bull!

A cute pig

A vehicle for Dale

What's a Texas Livestock show without a Longhorn 

newborn piggy's

another cute baby pig

Jacob's favorite ride, the escalator

They have fried Twinkies, cheesecake, red velvet cake and even snickers, but chocolate covered bacon, yuck!

Yes, and we all want hot chocolate when it is 85 degrees and 80% humidity outside!

Bumper cars...Hope Makenzie drives the car better than this!

I told Jacob that this would be fun to ride in he said,
"I'd rather ride in one than be pushing it!" He was leaving for Trek in 2 days.

Miranda Lambert

Jacob getting stressed out because BYU was down 25 point in the basketball game.
He had  friend texting him the score and it wasn't looking good!

View from the suite
We sat in the parking lot listening to the BYU game on the radio, since the traffic was going no where.
This is a very happy Jacob, since BYU came back and won the game!
He won't be so happy when he comes back from Trek to find out BYU got beat bad in the 2nd round.


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