Friday, March 30, 2012

A Personal Best and Some Funny Stuff

Makenzie was in the JV Track Meet this week since there wasn't a scheduled Varsity meet. This meet was at her least favorite school, not only do we not like their football team, they have crappy shot and discus rings. Makenzie really hates their discus ring because the circle is painted on and there is no lip to feel if you are going to step out of bounds and they also have to throw uphill, which is a disadvantage since Makenzie isn't tall. Despite all of that Makenzie did great! She got her personal best in shot put with a throw of 35'3" which earned her 1st place, she had a throw of 97"1" in discus, which isn't her personal best, but her best throw so far this year and it earned her 2nd place.

After her throw of 97'1" she makes sure she isn't on the paint.
A funny story:
This summer a guy from this high school was trying to hit on Makenzie at the health club. He asked her if she liked guys from Katy HS, she said no! He then challenged her to a game of one-on-one in basketball and told her if he won she would have to go out with him. She took the challenge knowing she would beat him. Lucky for her she won. Makenzie avoids him every time she sees him there. Yesterday I asked if that guy was there helping, since all the football players help run the meets, I was joking when I asked, but then Makenzie said yes, he's right there. He was actually helping with the girls shot and discus. After her good throw in discus, he came up to me and said, "Your daughter is a beast", in a complimentary way. There were so many things I wanted to say, but I just said, yes, I know.
The guy in the white shirt and red shorts is Makenzie's health club friend.
So awkward that he was there helping. It gave her something to aim at though. hehe

 Here is another funny picture. This is Makenzie's coach. Makenzie doesn't know if he was trying to protect himself from the flying discus, but we were pretty sure that little pole wasn't going to do much.

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