Friday, March 16, 2012


-can reduce pain for up to 20 hours
-or if building a bupivacaine molecule, can cause at least 8 hours of pain

Makenie had to build a bupivacaine molecule for chemistry. She used fuzzy pop-poms since all the foam balls in the Katy area were sold out because of molecule making(I'm stocking up on them now for when Jacob has to build one in 2 years). It took her 8 hours because she could not get them to stay where she wanted them to. She needed some bupivacaine when it was all finished! She did get a 100 on her project though!!
Not in too bad of a mood as she started to build the molecule

After about 7 hours of work

almost done!

One of the properties is that it's not very flammable, we will see when she has the "bond" fire with it.

finished molecule

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