Sunday, March 25, 2012

Makenzie's 1st Varsity Track Meet

Makenzie threw so well at the JV track meet on Thursday that they pulled her up to throw on Varsity yesterday. She had a great meet! She placed 5th in both Discus and Shot Put. They award points to those placing 1st - 6th. She made points for her team! Her Discus throw was 96' 6 1/2" and her Shot throw was 34'10". If you were to ask her if it was worth it to be at the school at 7am on a Saturday, I'm guessing she would say yes. Way to Go Makenzie!!

Focusing to throw in the finals

Cooling off in the pool after a long warm morning!

A very proud Dad made this video so Makenzie can remember this day. 

Here is someting we found online:
We need to teach people how to spell Makenzie's name right!

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