Friday, March 30, 2012

Makenzie Trek Pictures

After going through 7000+ pictures that were taken at Trek, I pulled out almost 200 of Makenzie and Jacob.(If I were there, it would have been more!) Here are some of Makenzie. Sorry that there are so many, but when we print our blog, we will definitely want to remember this!!
 Some facts that you might want to know about their trek:
 there were 240 youth and 90 adults that went and 24 handcarts.
For some must push....

All pioneers had cool shades and a shin compression sleeve

Makenzie's Trek Family

Makenzie is in the back pushing

Makenzie running to catch her family. I heard she helped other families that were having a hard time.

The women's pull(or push as in Makenzie's position)
The guys were called off to war and the women had to pull the handcarts

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