Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Tuesday Night Lights

Jacob had his first football game of the season. They won 16-0. Jacob is playing receiver this year instead of quarterback. He had two catches, that's all he had thrown to him. The first catch he made was for a first down. The second catch was for a touchdown. Of course I didn't get the touchdown catch because I was busy talking to the High School Varsity Coach. I did see the catch and lucky for me a real photographer was there and she got the picture. I just need to get it from her. When I dropped Jacob off at the Jr High it was 103 degrees. Luckily it cooled off by time he played!!  Jacob is #7.

Tuesday Night Lights

Jacob and some teammates walking into the stadium

Cinco Ranch Junior High 8th Grade A Team

Jacob first catch

Hanging on

And he has it!

Jacob and Austin, just after Austin threw a touchdown pass to Jacob

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