Monday, September 12, 2011

They Finally Meet

BYU vs Texas....The football Matthew always wanted. It came and he was on his mission:( 
We have always cheered for Texas, but when it came to the match up against BYU, my blood is blue.
Unfortunately BYU lost 16-17. We had fun meeting up with family there.
We saw Dave and Tyson at the restaurant before the game. We also meet up with Erica and Derrick before the game and then their seats were just a few rows behind us.
 I even got Dale to wear a BYU shirt!
He usually wears his School of Mines shirt, it's the same colors as BYU, but he didn't, but maybe he should have, they seem to win when he wears it.

Dani and Makenzie

Marti and Erica

Erica and Makenzie

Jacob and his friend Austin.
Jacob likes both teams, but he was cheering for BYU and sad that they lost

Erica and Derrick
We laugh because Derrick never went to BYU and is a Law student at Texas.
Erica never went to either. I think she was afraid of getting beat up:D

Proof...Dale in a BYU shirt :)

BYU"s Team 

At half time everyone stood and sang, America the Beautiful.
The USA chant followed.


Brittney was back at BYU with her "Hook 'em on the Book of Mormon" shirt 

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