Thursday, September 29, 2011

Sins of the Mother fall on the Daughter

Brittney just received a calling in her ward at BYU, Ward Prayer Coordinator. Only at BYU would they have that calling. She is responsible for getting people to say the opening prayer in Sacrament Meeting. Jacob said she should give them a time limit and if they go over it, they would go through the drop box in the floor. Brittney laughed, but said if she had to give a talk, she wants someone who gives long prayers so she wouldn't have to talk so long.
I think she got this calling because of my(her mother) actions when at BYU. One ward I was in, the Executive Secretary always called on Saturday to get people to give the prayers in Sacrament Meeting. Well, Steve, the Executive Secretary, just got engaged to Camille. One Saturday, I called every guys apartment in our ward and said, "This is Camille_____, I'm calling for Steve_____, and was wondering if one of the guys in your apartment would give the opening prayer tomorrow?" There were many volunteers for the prayer. On Sunday, we meet for church in the Harris Fine Arts building and had Sacrament Mtg. in one of the theaters. While waiting for church to start, about 20 guys were up on the stage all thinking they were to give the opening prayer. It was funny watching them try to figure it out. Finally they got one guy to give it.It was funny because Steve went to Camille's ward that Sunday so he didn't even get to witness all the guys willing to give the prayer.  The next Sunday, the Elder's Quorum President came and asked a guy sitting by us if he would give the prayer and made the commented that the week before they had half the ward wanting to give the opening prayer. My roommates and I just chuckled. I don't think anyone knows who did this, there was a lot of speculation, but my name was never on the radar.
I guess the sins of the mother fall on the daughter.


Goose said...

Aunt Marti, You are my hero. That is hilarious!

Erin said...

When I saw ward prayer coordinator that is not the calling I thought. When I was had BYU-Idaho, we did a little ward devotional on Sunday evenings. We would get together as a ward, sing a hymn and they would spotlight a few members of the ward and then way have a prayer. They called the devotionals ward prayer. Yep, only at a church school.

Mayor of CrazyTown said...

You are a genius! Hands down best college prank I've heard in a long time. :)