Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Jacob has started Jr High Football.
They had their first scrimmage yesterday. Jacob has moved from QB to Receiver this year.
Jacob's team had the maroon jerseys on.
Jacob getting ready to play some defense

Jacob ready to run a route

Jacob makes the catch

Jacob has a nice run after the catch

It took a few orange jerseys to take him down 

Another catch

After the catch he was quickly meet by these two guys. I didn't get the picture of the second guy hitting him really hard. Mom mode kicked in and I watched instead of taking pictures. 

This is Jacob and his friend Hunter in 6th grade on the Youth Football team together

Jacob and Hunter in 8th grade, but on different teams.
Yes Hunter is tall and Jacob isn't so tall.

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grandma/mom said...

Oh enjoy! These fun times go way too fast!