Sunday, August 30, 2009

Weekend Football...It's Back

I'm so excited that football season is here. I love football! We started off by going to the high school game on Friday night. This was bitter sweet. When the team ran out on the field I actually shed a few tears because Matthew wasn't out there. Brittney just looked at me and said, "Really Mom." I do miss having him out there! And no, Brittney doesn't sit by us, she was just waiting for her friend to finish sing the National Anthem so she could hang out with her. She usually only shows up if she wants money for the concession stand. The high school team won, so that was good.
Saturday, was Jacob's season opener. It was so fun to see him playing again. Lat year he suffered a collarbone separation right before the season started and missed the first few games. When he came back he wasn't full force because the injury was still quite sore. He is back now! Their team won 13-7. Jacob ran for one of the touchdowns. He played running back, quarterback and safety. He had lots of rushing yards. It's good to have him back!!

Jacob getting instructions from the coach. Jacob is on the left, #49

The cute butt shot

Running, his specialty

As QB, getting the play from the coach


Another good run

Diving for yardage as he's being tackled

In as QB

Clapping for the win!

My favorite guys!

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