Saturday, August 15, 2009

Girls Camp 2009

We had another successful Girls Camp this year. This year I was the Ward Camp Director, so I got to see more of Makenzie. Last year I was over the older girls so I saw Brittney more. Brittney left on Monday and Makenzie and I left on Tuesday, which was nice because it gave me Monday to shop for all the food for our group. It was extremely hot this year. It was 103 on Tuesday and in the upper 90's the rest of the week. Brittney said it was 101 on Friday, luckily her group was wake boarding. Makenzie and I spent a fair amount of the afternoon in the pool. I'm tired and full of chiggers bites, but had a great time! Makenzie and I in front of the loaded Suburban
Brittney greeted us in her "camp attire"

It's just me Brittney, not a creeper

Me with my girls

Makenzie and Brittney at fire building class. Brittney actually helped teach the classroom part of it.

This is where Makenzie stayed.

This is where I stayed and no they are not air conditioned

In our matching shirts

Makenzie at soap carving

Makenzie at archery

This was my first time doing this and I was about a half an inch away from getting a bulls eye. I thought I did until I got closer
Makenzie actually got a bulls eye. The only one that day

I found the name on the back humorous. I told Pam about it and she said she knows and that no one ever gets it. Even funnier, her daughter-in-law was there and her shirt said N. Moore. I tried to get them to put them back on so it would say, P. Moore N Moore, but they said they were too sweaty to put back on.

Makenzie and two others ready for skit night. Don't you love their Princess gowns mad from sheets and duct tape?

Makenzie in our Gorilla costume. It was way to hot to scare people with it this year :(

Makenzie in the seahorse relay

Ann was my roommate this year

Most of my at dinner the last night

Brittney and her friend Chantel

Our Ward
Brittney designed the camp shirt for her 5th year project

Me with part of the Gorilla costume on

Makenzie and me

Makenzie mopping one of the certification classrooms

Makenzie when we got home

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