Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Jacob's Vacation

Jacob was able to go on a trip to South Padre Island last week with his friend Thomas. He really had a great time and can't stop talking about his trip. He had a dentist appointment yesterday and the dentist said he talked more in that visit(all about his trip) than all the visits combined. I'm glad he was invited and had fun! He's been missing Matthew and this was a nice distraction from his brother being away at college. Here is a sampling of what he did. Mostly hung out at the beach and went to a water park, but no picture from there. Digging a hole and going to build a sand castle

Little surfer dudes

Feeding the birds

mine, mine, mine, mine

Some of the sand castles people were building. Not sure which one was theirs.
The condo they stayed in

When they weren't at the beach they were inside playing poker.
My friend said she was watching a Mormon go wild.

Exhausted after many days at the beach!

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