Thursday, August 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Kae

Happy Birthday to Dale's sister, Kae. Kae not only has a birthday to celebrate but she is getting married Saturday. Congratulation to her and Andy!!!
Kae is super talented. She is and Artist, an Archaeologist and a tri-athlete. Last year she did an Iron Man Triathlon in 90+ temps in Arizona. What dedication she has! I wish I had half her talent. She is a great mom to her daughter Emily. I love Kae when she laughs. She has the sweetest giggle to her laugh.
Happy Birthday and Congratulations on your marriage to Andy!

Kae, with her daughter Emily and Matthew when he was about 10 months old
Kae and Emily outside of her parents house in Utah

Kae and Emily

Our family with Kae's family
June 2008


grandma/mom said...

What a nice tribute! Kae hope everhthing goes wonderful for your marriage. To Marti, you are so thoughtful of everyone! Carolyn

grandma/mom said...

Happy birthday too! You have a smile that can light up a room!