Monday, August 10, 2009

Bring on Girls Camp

Ok, I've gathered most of the equipment I will need for girls camp(with the help of Dale), finished making all the girls shirts(with the help of Makenzie), got all of our individual supplies, made all the journals and knick knacks for the girls, finished our Ward Banner(hope they don't do that again),started packing(knee length shorts only and my one-piece), and bought all the food except for 2 items I must return to the store for. While in the check out line at Sam's Club this morning(sorry Tami), there was another ward camp director in the check out next to me. All the items in my cart were for girls camp except my diet coke and a big bag of dog food. The other camp director looked at the dog food and said, well that is easy, just feed them dog food. If only I could!

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