Thursday, January 8, 2009

Tired in Texas

All the staying up late over Christmas break is starting to catch up. I find it hard to get up at 5, like I normally do, and stay awake after I take Makenzie to school at 5:40. I can usually get a jump on the laundry in the morning, but it doesn't get started till after everyone is in school now.I need to get back on my schedule. It's catching up with Jacob also. Yesterday morning he came down and ate breakfast and went up to his room to get dressed and brush his teeth. While he was doing that I made his lunch. I couldn't find his lunch box so I figured he forgot to take it out of his backpack. I was calling to him to see if he had it. There was no answer, so I went up to his room. The door was shut so I knocked thinking he was still getting dressed. Still no answer. I opened his door to find him back in bed and almost asleep. This morning was not much better. He took a shower thinking this would wake him up. After the shower getting dressed and eating breakfast, he curled up on the coach in a blanket and went back to sleep. He's training to be a Smith Man and all he needs now is a recliner. Good news, he still made it to school on time!

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