Monday, January 5, 2009


It's one of those Mondays! I went out for my run this morning and noticed kids walking to school, some of them with parents. This normally would not be weird, except school doesn't start back up until tomorrow. The teachers have to go today. So I tell parents that there is no school today and they don't believe me and continue to the school. Why would I lie about that? What purpose would it serve if I lied to them? Oh well, I hope they had a nice walk to and from the school. That being said, the school zone lights were flashing so I think people should obey them, after all there were kids out, but no, people were flying through the school zone faster than they should be driving anyways. They all started to hit the brakes when a Constable pulled out of our subdivision. And to top it off, every idiot was running stop signs this morning. I'm used to this so I never run across a street till it is clear, even if I have the right away. Wake up people!

I just got back from Target and the all the idiot drivers have moved to the Target parking lot.

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Mayor of CrazyTown said...

There never seems to be a lack of idiot drivers in Target parking lots. Amazing isn't it?