Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Busy With Life

Been busy with life and haven't blog for a week. We have been living and breathing basketball and this week is going to be worse with Makenzie's team in a tournament. Tack on 3 more games to the already 4 and Matthew's Football Banquet.
Something funny from Makenzie's game: The little boy sitting next to me said, "You are Makenzie's mom and that's her dad and her brother." I said Jacob was her boyfriend and the little boy made a choking gesture. I said no, he was her brother. He said, "Yea, I know, he's to ugly to be her boyfriend." This is from a 5 year old with 4 older sisters. Pretty funny, but I don't think Jacob found it funny. Makenzie's team did win. Brittney had a game on Tuesday and Friday night. Due to injuries she got to start in her Tuesday game and did great. She had a real good game Friday night. She was 2-2 at the free throw line(she is usually Shaq at the line). Her team won both those games. Jacob had his game at 8:30 Saturday morning. They won and he had 10 points. They had picture day that day also. I thought I would have a whole Saturday afternoon to do whatever, but when we got home from pictures, Matthew had a fever of 102. He had not been feeling well the day before. I took him to a couple of different places that were just closing. I finally found a doc in the box that was open. While waiting to be seen he started throwing up, luckily he got it in a trash can. When we got in to see the PA, he ask what him what symptoms he had. The PA looked at me and gave me the hand. He obviously didn't want to here from me. Poor Matthew was so out of it and could hardly remember everything he was going through. I'm still not sure what he was diagnosed with. He is on an antibiotic and a few other drugs. The PA was probably in the room with him for a whole 3 minutes. Matthew is feeling a little better today. He did go to school, but I have Jacob home today. He has a headache and upset stomach. I'm not sure if he is getting what Matthew had or he is feeling that way from a bump on his head he got at a friends house yesterday. Need to get the house clean and put up laundry and pay some bills. Man, I need a nap!
I did take some time yesterday to scan some old college pictures to share with past roommates on facebook. The 80's were scary! My kids got a good laugh at the pictures. The one's they laughed the hardest at I left out. I still need a nap!

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