Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Houston, We Have a Problem...The Temperature

Yesterday Morning when I went for my run it was 68 degrees and extremely humid. I looked like a drowned rat after my run. I'm thinking, isn't this January? It was 82 when I went to Brittney's basketball game last night, actually it was an 1 1/2 hours before her game because I had to work the concession stand for the Freshman game, but after her game it was 43 outside. A cold front blew in.

Me looking like drowned rat...OK maybe I look like that anyways. All my dignity has gone out the window with these photo's!

Well, this morning January decided to arrive. It was 34 degrees this morning for my run with a wind chill of 28 degrees. I guess I need to be careful in what I'm thinking.

After my run this morning. Hair is wind blown and my face chapped from the cold and wind.
Houston, please pick a temperature!!

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needlenut said...

We have decided we love the warm weather. It has been cold here too.