Sunday, January 11, 2009

Church Basketball

Yesterday was the Stake Girls Basketball Tournament. Our Ward won 1st place. Brittney and Makenzie played so well together. What a great team those two make!

Brittney and Makenzie the awesome duo!

Makenzie quickly getting back on defense

Makenzie inbounding the ball

Brittney guarding the ball
Your not going to set a pick on me

Give me that ball!!

Hey, watch the moving screens...

She can dribble the ball, who knew.

Brittney going for the steal.

Get that rebound

Get that rebound
I wish I had gotten more pictures of Makenzie blocking passes and shots. I think people were amazed that she was only 12. she handled herself really well against the older and bigger girls. They also played the whole time in every game! I'm also glad they were injury free as probably are their school coaches.


Michelle said...

Hey Marti, your not annoying. Looks like your a better mom than I am you have more pictures. I've discovered that the less I take out the camera the better my kids play. So now i'm nervous to take toi many pictures. LoL!!!

Marti said...

My kids always get injuries when I video tape, so the video camera has been band by my kids.